Oil and Gas Oil and Gas

There is an old saying in the Oil and Gas industry that if a pump is not running, that production cannot be recovered. At Yaskawa, we think that is why we are the choice of so many companies. With an installed base going back for decades, it is not unusual for a customer to call us and let us know that they found a drive on their site that they did not realize they owned. We think that is about as nice a compliment as we can receive. They have had the equipment for years and did not even know it was there. Screw pumps, subs, pumpjacks, mud pumps and those big motors on the drilling rigs are all applications where you will find our product. Whether you are pumping it out, pumping in or just moving it along, we have been doing it for a very long time. And it is not just the reliability, it is the understanding that our service folks and application engineers bring to the site. We are not just techs with a toolbox, we know the equipment we are working on and we will bring solutions.

Lumber and Wood Products Lumber and Wood Products

Tough applications are where we do best. Even though lots of customers want one supplier for all of their electrical needs, this is one industry where reliability is more important than being able to buy a basket of goods and the folks in supply chain do not mind adding a new vendor when they know they are getting the most reliable and best performing product the industry has to offer. From high duty cycle cyclical loads where braking resistors provide a dearth of problems, to high torque impact loaded loads of all sorts, Yaskawa likely has a story to tell. We are not afraid of sawdust, heat, moisture and vibration. Bring us an application and we will tell you if we have a solution.